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~ Fresh garbage outta the can/bin. ~


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The-Overcor has started a donation pool!
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Donate at your leisure. If you somehow/some reason commissioned me with points, do pay here! No rush. It's cool, man. Dude. Bro. Buddy. Pal. Amigo/Amiga. Kiddo. Scrub.


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This time, I'll be sure to figure it out.
Note me, don't comment unless you're absolutely unsure whether or not I'm open!

I have school to attend to, so unless I have a homework-free day, I'm best suited to working on your commission Friday through Sunday, on which the finished piece can be uploaded immediately. If you would prefer I did not upload your commission, tell me during payment and I will note you the finished piece instead.
If there is any delay, I will tell you and you may hold me to my word that I will finish your commission.

So, I can do stuff. I can try nearly any species, but I gotta warn furries: I'm not very good at feral wolves, felines, or the such with the fur. I will make an attempt to sketch something out before payment so you may decide whether or not to pay for the sketch to be finished.
I'm also terrible at drawing young children, so I won't even accept those. I won't draw fetish art, NSFW art, political art, or anything meant to be offensive to a particular religion, race, sexuality, ect. I will draw fan characters, but not canon characters to TV shows, movies, books, or other published works. Finally on the "no" list; shipping art, even if it's just fluff. I can't capture love, I'm sorry. I don't want to disappoint anyone. ;_;
I'll draw gore! Gore's fine! I'll make an attempt at candy/pastel or hardcore blood baths!

As long as the character doesn't fit the negative criteria above, I'll draw it! Right now, I'm comfortable with my cell-shaded art. This will be digital, of course.
You may choose whether or not the lines are thick or thin, and what color the lines should be if you don't want default black. If you want a transparent background, just say so. I won't do complicated backgrounds for any of these, but I encourage you to pick a couple of colors you'd be okay with me using for something simple. I accept cash through PayPal! I'll send a sketch of the commission to see if you're cool with it, then if the answer's yes, you throw the money at me! The check-up sketch will be the best time to tell me if something needs to be adjusted, so please don't slam a "no" right away!
Headshots: $5 USD or 500 Points
Half Bodies: $8 or 800 Points
Full Bodies: $14 or 1400 Points
+ $2 / 200 points for complicated designs
+ $2 / 200 points for additional characters

Examples of my cell-shaded art!
[GIFT] Lusy by The-Overcor10,000 Kiriban Snek by The-Overcor
The Trash Marsupial by The-OvercorStop, Hammer Time! by The-Overcor


The-Overcor's Profile Picture
Call me Liv, or somethin'
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
This is the spot on the profile where I'd display my name, age, sexual orientation, and whether or not I'm in a relationship. You get nothing instead. Good day, Sir/Ma'am!

Where you'll find significantly fewer Corda:

I'm usually always down for a collaboration or an art trade! Requests do not include dragons unless I've offered you the opportunity and you've taken it. Everything I do is fetish-free and Safe For Work. Well, not the gore, that's never SFW, is it? Of course, it's filtered...

Greetings and salutations you poor souls who have wandered over to my page. You really could have been doing anything better with your time (the possibilities are endless), but you chose to visit MY page? I can't imagine why. Did you hear of some high-quality cringe or mediocre-quality artwork? You know, sometimes those are one and the same. I can't blame you. I like making myself CRAWL IN MY SKIN as well.

Well, it may be somewhat egotistical to put this here, but here I go regardless! I don't quite know if I'd be okay with people drawing my characters. If I had a heads up about what you intended to doodle, I'm sure I could settle just fine. Additionally on the ego train, if you're here because you've heard about my Corda and you want one, they're Make Your Own and I'd like to be asked about adopting one first. I want my precious spooky bros to be in good hands!

I type very similarly to how I'd actually talk to you. Thus, I don't use very many emoticons. That probably means they're specially-reserved, or somethin'. Mmm the morals of this particular lesson are that if you talk to me in a certain way, I'll match it (if you're energetic, I'll try to be energetic back; if you're formal, I'll be formal in return), and I am heavily sarcastic. As we all know, sarcasm doesn't translate very well into text. As such, I will ATTEMPT to only use it when it's obvious. Please be weary of my sentences.

I guess I'm pretty laid back. Not much for arguments, no. I prefer puns and making a complete and total fool of myself. Puns are great, m8. Memes are also c̶a̶n̶c̶e̶r̶ somewhat amusing, but this isn't a meme site.

I like dark and demotivational humor as well. Gore? Sure! I'm fine with that; however, I haven't been drawing it too frequently. Violence? I'm not too good at drawing that, but if the story I want to tell requires it, I suppose I'd have no choice. I find my own self at the tail-end of many of my jokes and I don't particularly care about that. My persona is not a very well respected character in the UNIVERSE she lives in.

Uh, my other interests include Pokemon. I'm a fiend. I've memorized all the types and a rough, general layout of many, many stats. Somehow I'm not competitive but rather a casual scrub. I adore Gengar. Best ghost type. 10/10
I'm not too much of a huge gamer myself, but I know a great deal of knowledge on most games you could bring up. I mention this juuust in case you wanna chat about them vidyas and all your friends are dead/ignoring you/just busy.

...But seriously, if I could not be a living cringe compilation, I wouldn't be. I'm slowly getting out of my edgy, angsty phase and into a glorious ironically-alive phase. Hah, that was still edgy...

Oh, and while we're here, I'm a Christian. Let's not fight over it, alright? I'm not gonna judge you, and I hope that in return we can just be friends. You'll probably not even hear me push anything on you. Free will and opinions and all that jazz.


I wanna buy a T-shirt to support one of my favorite streamers (and to a lesser extent have something stupid to wear), but I'm worried my family won't be too fond of the text. The more expensive shirt (which is funnier) is definitely an okay buy, but it's JUST out of my price range.
Copy+Paste from the Spreadshirt page of the first shirt:
The text reads: "Descend into the depths. Be seen by no one. Be heard by no one. Let existential dread drift over you. Then... accept it. Understand it as your place in The Void. Come into The Pit. Enjoy The Pit. Live in The Pit. BREED in The Pit. Become a troglodyte. Become a... Man of the Dark, or Woman of the Dark. Your choice. Your path is yours. Enter The Pit. Join... us. Who are we? Does it matter? Accept The Pit. Become The Pit. You were born here. You were raised here. You will die here. Mankind has no saviors, except for us. The Children of The Pit. Join us in The Pit. Become The Pit. The Pit is an endless void. How deep does it go? How deep does your worship of The Pit go? What is The Pit? We don't know what's in The Pit! Come to The Pit! We are The Pit! Are you The Pit? Join The Pit. Enter The Pit. Become The Pit. Descend into The Pit. It doesn't matter if they're down there screaming. Just as long as there's no way out once you've decided to go in."
Oh my goodness, black velvet leopard geckos!

May I ask why Bendy and the Ink Machine is the new, hip fandom to be a part of? I finally saw some footage and I can say I'm extremely disappointed.
I thought it would be a 2D game with funny-yet-horrific dialogue, and a reason to be invested into Borris the Wolf and Bendy the Ink Demon. Instead, I saw a bland game that looks like exactly what you'd expect out of a Unity Engine game (I don't know the engine it used, I'm just saying it looks like Unity to me and Unity has a bad reputation). Other than the style of the textures and that headache-inducing blur when you walk close to something, I saw nothing to make it stand out. There was nothing to make you connect with the characters, even to be afraid of them in this horror game.
Bendy's appearance. As soon as I saw the graphics of the game when it began I knew the model and animation would be mediocre. A little part of me thought Bendy would be entirely hand-animated, and, like, he'd walk on walls because he's a flat image. That'd be good. I'd like that, personally. It'd combine the 3D and 2D to seem more like you're a normal guy being haunted by a cartoon than the game tried to provide.

I'll just wait on Cuphead for the classic cartoon game of the year.
Update: Jack's doing a whole lot better! He's eating and his poop is normal again! He has lost quite a bit of weight, so I'm gonna give him a little extra to pack on the milligrams.



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